The Trials and Tribulations of Titles and a New Vehicle

Whew, did I not see this one coming.

What started off as a simple bus purchase quickly evolved into a two-month-long process of converting the title into my name.

Before I begin, my mistake was not knowing how complicated things would get since the title was not in the seller’s name. He was still a buyer on the back, and I mistakenly signed on as the co-buyer. Oops.

First, DMV (Location 1)

The person at the front desk told me to fill out paperwork for me to sign over the title in my name, on the seller’s behalf…who was legally recognized on the title as: Buyer. That paperwork was not meant to give me power of attorney, so the seller had to show up with me in person.

Next, I show up with the seller in person.

Due to seller having an out-of-state license, DMV (Location 2) told me that I needed to contact the name of the people on the title – the school that originally owned the bus.

Then, I contact the school … and they deny affiliation

The school denies affiliation because they already sold the bus (fair enough). The school contacts the guy they sold the bus to – AKA: The guy that sold the bus to the seller that I bought the bus from, and they tell him to reach out to me to sort it out. He does, he gets upset.

After that, another visit to DMV (Location 2).

They tell me that the only way to get the title in my name is to get a replacement title issued by the school. I tell the DMV that the school is refusing affiliation… DMV says either that is the only way, or get the title registered in the out-of-state location. DMV then continued to insist that getting a replacement title issued by the school would be the easiest solution. (Spoiler: It wasn’t).

Then, Seller and I contact the school to issue a replacement title.

They promised an appointment at 9am on Sept 1st at DMV (Location 3). School representative doesn’t show up. They don’t answer the texts. They don’t answer the phone calls. I call the guy that they sold the bus to. Long story short, all parties except the seller insisted that they no longer have anything to do with the bus.

Let’s get this straight: I would not have even contacted them if the DMV didn’t insist that it was necessary, and the only way to move forward. This goes to show that the people sitting at the front desk don’t know everything.

DMV (Location 3) tells me that all the seller had to do is provide proof of residency on an official document (like a bank statement) and they can produce an in-state license number, put the title in both of our names, and then flip the title to me afterwards.


So, I go to the DMV (Location 2)… with the seller, again.

I mention what DMV (Location 3) said, and the lady at the desk agrees. The seller provides the necessary info to be recognized as an in-state resident. We get the title in both of our names, since we were co-buyers…

…and then we get the title flipped into my name!


Words can’t describe how relieved I felt!

Next, is to get it registered. Buckle up, this is going to be a long ride!

Ciao for now~


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